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Efza - An

Known for blending various alternative electronic music genres with Turkish elements, the soloist and producer Efza has added a new one to the successful singles she has been producing consistently since 2019.


Placing atmospheric and occasionally arabesque tones on tempo drums, the artist embellishes her background with intense vocals and existential verses about being in the moment. ​ ​


"An" plays with a disco-inspired rhythmic structure, deep lyrics and trip hop-inspired electronic elements, while on the other hand, with bright oriental strings and percussions.


Words are a magical lament for staying in the moment, but also invite the others to join this trance position—perhaps the listener, perhaps a potential lover. The song can thus be interpreted as a dramatic celebration of love, or as a purely spiritual introspection.


Lyrics - Music: Efza
Editing - Mix - Sound Design: Efza

Bass Guitar: Onur Atar
Mastering: Pieter Snapper

Cover Photo: Arif Babat / Studio Crew

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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