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Eskiz - Ateşle Beni kapak.jpeg

The new (and unfortunately final) album of the Istanbul-based rock'n'roll band Eskiz, consisting of Deniz Ağan, Uygar Çetiner and Can Tunaboylu, known for their energetic and explosive stage performances, Ateşle Beni is on all digital platforms under the Tamar Records label.

In the album, there are six more tracks for singles released by Eskiz at the beginning of the summer and autumn of 2022, and each one contains inspirations from different aspects of the band's musical horizon.

In addition to Batınhan Altın and Yasemin Özler, whom we have seen on many tracks with backing vocals and various instruments, there are Ati Yıldıztozu, Lale Kardeş and Tarkan Mertoğlu on the guest list of the album.

The production of the album belongs to Ozan Çanak. At the same time, Ateşle Beni is the last published work of the group, although we regret to mention it very much. While we do not know what the future will bring, we would like to announce that Eskiz will be meeting for one night in the spring of 2023 to bid farewell to their audience and celebrate their belated album.


Guitar / Vocal / Rhodes- Deniz Ağan
Drums / Backing Vocals - Uygar Çetiner
Bass - Can Tunaboylu

Mixing / Mastering - Ozan Çanak
Rec - Ozan Çanak (No5)

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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