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Rafet Arslan - Martısız Denizler.jpeg

From Seagulls Without Seas, To Seas Without Seagulls - to heaven - a long run..

I'm in a space where time runs out. Every sound or word is lost.
In the nothingness we build statues of ourselves, and the word is heavier than stone.

We cry out into the great void only and only - into the sacred void.

Zöhre or Âz-u state, this is just. He's waiting for his time.
He's waiting for his time. My word is my word.

Raf.. ​ ​
Rafet Arslan

Music: Kufu Ra
Vocals: Özge Fışkın

Words:  Collage shelf by Rafet Arslan and precious Cenk Taner.

Recordings: Studio Mandala (Rafet), Tamar Records (Özge Fışkın), Kufu Ra (Home studio)
Mix-mastering: Mr. E

Cover Photo: İlyas Hayta
Cover: Ayberk Çimen
Video: Gökhan Çiçek

Tamar Records 
℗ & © 2022

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