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Tardigrades, who created a unique style by blending the spirit of Surf-Rock, a genre and culture that has been forgotten since the 1960s, with the punk rock energy of the 70s and swing rhythms at high BPMs, offers an unforgettable experience to their listeners with their new single "Tardi Swing". It carries the most qualified melodies of Surf-Rock, echoing from the great flood to the present day, into the cosmos.


Tardigrades' music is full of impressive tricks and stunning songs. With their high-tempo swing rhythms, sometimes wild screams, sometimes haunted by ghosts, their music not only appeals to the ears, but also fuels the imagination of the listeners.

"Tardi Swing" features Beste Öztürk on bass guitar, Gürcan Konanç on drums and Serhan Arcağ on guitar. This single reflects the energetic and atmospheric music style of Tardigrades in the best way, inviting listeners to a unique musical journey.

Tardigrades - Tardi Swing Cover.png

Drums: Gürcan Konanç

Bass: Beste Öztürk

Guitars: Serhan Arcağ

Music: Serhan Arcağ, Beste Öztürk, Gürcan Konanç

Mix-Mastering: Serhan Arcağ

Cover Osman Bingöl

Photo: Ava Lerya

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