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Ali Gem's new song "Biraz Dursak" promises an adventure that leads listeners into deep thoughts. The lyrics reflect the feeling that one needs to face oneself and one's role in life. The track is a call to escape the pressure of our busy lives and be alone with ourselves.



With its emphasis on encouraging us to breathe, to forget, to get lost from time to time, it seems that it will influence the listeners with its slightly melancholy lyrics and vocal performance.



In this song Gem deals with the fatigue of getting lost in the unstoppable flow of life and invites listeners to breathe and take time for themselves with calming melodies.

Ali Gem - Biraz Dursak Cover.jpg

Written & Composed by: Ali Cem Öztürk


Ali Gem: Vocals, Electric Guitar

Görkem Öztürk: Electric Guitar, Back Vocals

Durukan Yaşar: Drums, Back Vocals

Ozan Çam: Bass Guitar

Mix: Ozan Çanak

Mastering: Ozan Çanak

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2023

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