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Ali Gem, known for his works in the indie-garage genre with a Lo-Fi feel and minimal Anatolian melodies, proves once again with this ambitious track that his music does not fit into molds.


Blending his experiences with his musical philosophy, Ali Gem shared this perspective with the audience with his 4th single "Oluru Yok".


  OLURU YOK took its place on all digital platforms on March 24, 2023 with Tamar Records label!


In this song, which aims to experiment with Dream Pop, Indie Rock and Psychedelic guitar fusions, Gem achieves his goal and creates a unique song feeling.


Ali Gem recorded the single in his own studio in Maslak with Durukan Yaşar on drums, Görkem Öztürk on bass guitar and Ozan Çam on lead guitar and continued with Ozan Çanak during the mixing and mastering process.

Ali Gem - Oluru Yok Cover.jpg

Written, Composed, Recorded by: Ali Cem Öztürk


Ali Gem: Vocals, Electric Guitar

Görkem Öztürk: Electric Guitar, Back Vocals

Durukan Yaşar: Drums, Back Vocals

Ozan Çam: Bass Guitar

Mix: Ozan Çanak

Mastering: Ozan Çanak

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