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BABA is tired, he could not and cannot break his love/hate relationship with life and the city. We are here for us, we know you are tired too. We are all together, no one can control our minds and emotions.

This adventure, which started with two people making music together, became an event where musicians and artists working in different branches collaborated. We cling to our feelings when we feel alone. Love will increase with sharing, fear will decrease with sharing.

“KUTU” was produced by Yağız Nevzat İpek and Dehan Kılınçarslan. Recorded and mixed by Yiğitcan Ak; Semi Dönmez did the mastering. The video we published with the song was created by Yağmur Akın Karagöz. Cover design & production of the single belongs to Deniz Satır Hartikainen.

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BABA SAD: Yağız Nevzat İpek, Dehan Kılınçarslan

Music: Yağız Nevzat İpek, Dehan Kılınçarslan

Lyrics: Dehan Kılınçarslan


Rec: Yiğitcan Ak, Dehan Kılınçarslan, Yağız Nevzat İpek

Mix: Yiğitcan Ak

Mastering: Semi Dönmez

Cover: Deniz Satır Hartikainen

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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