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Brumend & Özgün Semerci - O Da Biraz Haklı.jpeg

Brumend & Özgün Semerci
O Da Biraz Haklı

“O Da Biraz Haklı” describes an inner conversation about the relationship without straying an inch from the feel of its name.
Produced by Kerem Brumend, lyrics and vocals by Özgün Semerci,  'O Da Biraz Haklı' manages to balance all the finesse and rudeness that should be in a pop song. “Own, save me from this shelter, drive me away from my corrupt friends.” his words reflect the disappearance of the hero, who is looking for the savior of the relationship, in a harsh language.

Brumend & Ozgun 1.jpg

Lyrics: Özgün Semerci
Music : Brumend & Özgün Semerci
Synth Solo: Taner Yücel
Mix: Taner Yücel
Mastering: Görkem Karabudak
Cover Photo: Ege Örs & Ali Gülşener

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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