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Cem Tan Quintet

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An experimental jazz album, created as a result of  3-day sessions in a quintet format, thet meets at the initiative of a drummer.



Cem Tan, who is responsible of that action, is an avant-garde drummer, multi-instrumentalist and a composer known for his unique style that goes beyond the patterns and measurements generally understood in the conventional music scene. With his omnidirectional drumming and a polytonal fashion, he introduces another dimension to what we think, we know of the drums that renders them a harmonious instrument that can sing like the piano or the windy instruments.

Cem Tan - Album Back - Square.jpg

1. Free Form Transpersonal
2. Hidden From The Eyes Of Man
3. İstanbul Underground
4. Joy Without A Reason
5. Tho & I Duo Part 1 Soprano
6. Dynamic Ride Sunshine
7. Having Fun With Friends
8. Natural Flow Of Things
9. Aşırı Bi Expression Durumları
10. Tho & I Duo Part 2 Tenor

Album recorded in Babajim Studios İstanbul.


Thomas Prestin: Soprano/Tenor sax
Onur Ali Olgun: Alto/Tenor sax, Piano
Bora Çeliker: Guitar/Piano/Harmonica
Can Tan: Bass
Cem Tan: Drums and Cymbals


Arın Baykurt: Recording

Cem Ömeroğlu: Mix & Mastering

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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