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Cem Tan Quintet

Cem Tan Quintet - Live At Babylon 1.jpeg

Jazz band Cem Tan Quintet, which made a worldwide impact with their debut album Free Form Transpersonal, appeared before the audience for the first time after their hiatus due to the pandemic.


The band, which received great interest at the legendary concert they gave in Babylon Istanbul on April 14 2022, in the organization of LOFT Jazz Culture Newspaper, decided to release a single from the performance in question after the intense demand.


The two-record single, one of nine minutes and the other of eight minutes, offers listeners the opportunity to witness a real Free Jazz ritual with a total length of 17 minutes.

Cem Tan Quintet - Live at Babylon .jpeg

Live At Babylon / Recorded live at Babylon Istanbul.

Rhodes: Bora Çeliker

Tenor Sax: Ali Onur Olgun

Fretless Bass: Can Tan

Tenor/Alto Sax: Nedim Ulusoy

Drums/Vocals: Cem Tan


Mix-Mastering: Can Tan

Collage Image: Cem Tan

Cover Design: Ayşe Köklü

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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