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Chainwind Ritual originated from Istanbul/Kadikoy in late 2021 and was formed by childhood friends Kuzey Alemdar (vocal/rhythm) and Haluk Arda Aslan (drums) with the vision to find and create a new sound. Not wanting to limit themselves to a single genre, they experimented with different ones like sludge, groove and doom to find a combination of sounds that resonated with them the most.

Alemdar met Arda Tosun (who at the time played guitar for local stoner band Microbrew) when he joined the stoner doom project of a mutual friend for which Tosun was the guitar player. The two quickly hit it off as friends and Tosun soon joined CWR as the lead guitarist. Using riffs and unfinished guitar parts that Alemdar wrote, adding to them and writing new ones together, the three composed Chainwind Ritual, Into the Trees and III which shaped the sound of the band and the upcoming album. Can Osmanağaoğlu (bass) later joined the band in early 2022 through the reference of Alemdar's girlfriend. Arda and Can who had played in the same band in high-school but had drifted apart in life happened to reunite in their new band after years of no communication which in the end gave CWR its final form.

Chainwind Ritual is a band that does not take into account any outside expectation of their music, and aspires to follow the ambition and excitement that is invoked in them through creating it, with no anticipation of any financial gain as they see their music no more than a heritage of their desire to create something original. They are not hesitant to take inspiration from each members unique tastes in music and fuse them into their sound accordingly.

Their debut album "Untitled I" revolves around themes like depression, oppression, addiction, paranoia, dread, suicide, unconformity, isolation and misanthropy which they witness and experience in their daily lives. They have gone through a long and intense recording/mix period for their debut album to perfect their sound, refusing to cut corners and persistently working towards their musical visions.

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Lyrics-Music: Chainwind Ritual

Producer: Chainwind Ritual


Rec: Jamsession Kadıköy

Mix & Mastering: Ilgar Gökhan & Berkay Köksal

Cover Artwork: Ozan Güner

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2024

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