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Dj Nio Özge Ürer & Gramofonia - İstanbul Sokakları Cover 3000.jpeg

Italy and Turkey united on the beat! Italian DJ/Producer Nio, Turkish singer-songwriter Özge Ürer and Turkish MC Gramafonia got together to celebrate the back streets of İstanbul, their unique atmosphere and the underground stories of the city.


"İstanbul Sokakları" is a urban love manifesto with Özge Ürer's RnB vocals and Gramafonia's grimey Rap on the mellow Jazzy / Boom bap instrumental produced by Nio.


This song marks the collaboration of these three international artists with Tamar Records, one of the most important indie labels of Turkey.


Lyrics by Özge Ürer & Gramafonia

Music by DJ Nio & Özge Ürer

Beat by DJ Nio

Mix and Mastering by Demo @StudiOstile, Genova (İtaly)

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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