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Doruk Ordu - Autotune

The successful artist Doruk Ordu, whom we know from the group "Prenslerin Öcü", is reuniting with his fans with his solo project. ​

Saying that he made such a song because he was bored with auto-censorship and autotune, Ordu adds that he finds the reflex of not upsetting the consumer in such a chaotic environment as insincere and wrong: "I am aware that I am defying a huge industry monster." ​ ​

AutoTune is just the beginning of all that Doruk Ordu wants to tell, with its pleasant melody that stays in mind, the words that defy the system and that will be stuck on your tongue before you even realize it.

The artist plans to build a tree house for his band Prenslerin Öcü with the income from his solo project.


Lyrics, Music, Acoustic Guitar: Doruk Ordu
Arranged by: Haktan İlhan, Doruk Ordu

Electric Guitar: Haktan İlhan
Bass Guitar: Haktan İlhan
Drums: Haktan İlhan
Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Haktan İlhan

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