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Ductape is a newly formed duo based in Istanbul Turkey. Furkan and Cagla combines some hysteric and inciting sounds in their first EP Little Monsters which was recorded at home during 2020 lockdown days. This very first EP showcases duo’s fervent vocal performances and tensed instrumentation with dramatic song structures. Furkan has also been the guitarist and composer of some noise and punk bands such as Apartmanlar and Softa for long years. Ozan Turan has made a remarkable contribution in production as well as in mix and mastering within the walls of his studio in New Zealand. The first single of the EP, Neurotic Passion is a genuinely eccentric melting pot of synth punk, darkwave, post-punk sounds and has  been released by Tamar Records on all digital platforms on June 5 2020.

Ductape - Little Monsters_coverartsmall.jpeg

EP Name: Little Monsters


Track List

  1. Neurotic Passion

  2. Unleash Your Madness

  3. Murder Night


Furkan Güleray : Music

Çağla Güleray: Music, Lyrics

Ömer Ozan Turan: Mix & Mastering

Çağla Güleray : Cover Design

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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