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Efza - Dolunay Meditasyonu Cover.jpg

Efza's Spiritual Electro-Alternative Journey continues with "Dolunay Meditasyonu".

Known for blending various alternative electronic music genres with Turkish elements, the soloist and producer Efza has added a new one to the successful singles she has been producing consistently since 2019.


Inspired by the acts of letting go, liberation and transformation on a full moon day, Efza begins to compose the song. While we continue to struggle, we can sometimes forget what we need and sometimes forget who we are and continue walking in a chaos.


"Dolunay Meditasyonu" talks about the value of sometimes staying with ourselves, talking to ourselves.


Lyrics - Music: Efza
Editing - Mix - Sound Design: Efza

Mastering: Pieter Snapper

Cover Photo: Arif Babat / Studio Crew

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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