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Efza - Yer Gök

Efza's new song, which continues to attract attention with its unique interpretation and music style
"yer gök" released on Tamar Records label.


"yer gök"' confronts us with the pain we experience, do we carry the pain or do we let it go and move forward?
to move on?


While "yer - earth" represents pain, "gök -sky" represents liberation from pain. It takes the listener on an inner journey or this song takes us to reckoning with our deepest selves...

"yer gök"s lyrics, music, arrangement, sound design and mix belong to Efza.


Lyrics - Music: Efza
Arrangement - Mix - Sound Design: Efza

Mastering : Pieter Snapper
Cover Photo: Metin Çatak

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2023

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