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Eskiz has released the fourth single from their new album "Ateşle Beni", which will be out at the end of October 2022.

Disko Japon

The Istanbul-based rock and roll band Eskiz, consisting of Deniz Ağan, Uygar Çetiner and Can Tunaboylu, known for their energetic and explosive stage performances, introduced "Disko Japon", the fourth single from their new album "Ateşle Beni", which they are preparing to release in autumn 2022!

Eskiz takes the funk line in Disko Japon, which was followed in the previous singles, to a much more original field (disco!). The band is accompanied by Ati Yıldıztozu and Lale Kardeş with their main vocals, and Yasemin Özler for strings.

Disko Japon will be good for the mild bitterness that comes with the end of summer, unresolved loves and depressed yakuza's.


Guitar / Vocal - Deniz Ağan
Drums / Backing Vocals - Uygar Çetiner
Bass - Can Tunaboylu
Vocal - Ati Yıldıztozu & Lale Kardeş
Back Vocal / Guitar - Batınhan Altun

Lyrics: Atilla Eriş & Lale Kardeş
Music: Eskiz
Mixing / Mastering - Ozan Çanak
Strings - Yasemin Özler
Studio - No5

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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