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Eskiz - Düş Ormanı_kapak.jpg

The Istanbul-based rock and roll band Eskiz, consisting of Deniz Ağan, Uygar Çetiner and Can Tunaboylu, known for their energetic and explosive stage performances, shared the third single from their new album "Ateşle Beni", which they are preparing to release in autumn 2022.

While "Düş Ormanı" continues the funk inspirations that the group has started to focus on in their latest works, it does not forget to embody Eskiz's more rooted psychedelic rock and indie rock tendencies.

The melancholic lyrics, which use the forest in question as a metaphor for the innocent, dreamy and optimistic days left behind, create a striking contrast with the dominant rhythm of the music.

Drummer Uygar Çetiner, who has been the main soloist on some tracks before, undertakes the majority of the delightful vocal melodies on the catchy guitar riffs.


Drums / Vocals – Uygar Çetiner
Guitar – Deniz Ağan
Bass – Can Tunaboylu
Back Vocal – Batınhan Altun

Producer – Ozan Çanak

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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