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Ethnique Punch & Gramafonia - Asparagas (Prod. by Levni)

Ethnique Punch, Gramafonia and Levni 's joint new single “Asparagas” is coming out on Tamar Records. Even though the three have shared the same stage many times before and have been featured in various compilation albums together, Asparagas is the first track they have created collectively, virtually connecting them on an intercontinental route on the Bremen-Adana-Vienna axis.

Levni's synth, broken-beat and sample-based, moving framework sets the stage for Ethnique Punch and Gramafonia to take the mic and pour out their flows, which are decorated with references to social nuances, colorful metaphors and interpretations of daily happenings. In addition, the cover of the piece bears the signature of Bilal Geliç.

Ethnique Punch & Gramafonia - Asparagas

Ethnique Punch & Gramafonia - Asparagas (prod. by Levni)

Lyrics, Vocals: Ethnique Punch & Gramafonia

Music: Levni
Mix, Mastering: Aras Levni Seyhan

Cover Art: Bilal Geliç

Recorded in Adana, Bremen and Vienna.

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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