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Gaddar - Bişey Yapmalı

A new interpretation of the Moğollar legend by the arbitrary metal band Gaddar.


Gaddar's cover of the legendary Moğollar song Bişey Yapmalı has been released on Tamar Records.

The song, whose original version was released in 1996, tells the story of those who brutalize their people, regardless of time and place.

Exactly 27 years later, the song meets the harsh music of Gaddar, with lyrics by Turgut Berkes and music by Cahit Berkay.


The song, which was released on May 1, 2023, on the occasion of the Labor Day and the 4th anniversary of Tamar Records, can be heard on all digital platforms.

Gaddar - Bişey Yapmalı Cover.jpg


Gaddar  - Bişey Yapmalı


Lyrics: Turgut Berkes

Music: Cahit Berkay

Arrangement: Gaddar

Mix: Suat Yılmaz & Övünç Dan (Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası)

Mastering: Suat Yilmaz (Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası)

Studio: Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası

Cover: Övünç Dan


Tamar Records ℗ & © 2023

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