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Gaddar - Kalabalık Dağıldığında

An instrumental song in memory of the beloved Çağlan Tekil from Istanbul's

"Turkish lyrical arbitrary metal band" Gaddar, consisting of Övünç Dan on vocals / guitars, Kerem Sedef on drums, Gürkan Bozacı on bass and Can Çalışkan on guitars.

The song takes its feel and name from the fact that Çağlan finishes his set at some nights. When he is in front of the cabin, the songs he plays, and his ability to make our eyes tear while sipping the last drink...


We missed you, Baron.

Gaddar - Kalabalık Dağıldığında



lyrics, music: Övünç Dan

recording, mix, mastering: Övünç Dan (Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası)

cover photo: Alex Fu  @alex.fuuu

cover design: Övünç Dan


Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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