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Gaddar - Nakit Beni Sevmiyor

New single from Gaddar, the "Turkish verbal arbitrary metal band" from Istanbul, consisting of Övünç Dan on vocals/guitar, Kerem Sedef on drums, Gürkan Bozacı on bass guitar and Can Çalışkan on guitar: Nakit Beni Sevmiyor.


In fact, Gaddar's biggest obstacle, who wants to talk about flowers, love, tabbys and vines in his music, is unfortunately geographical conditions. The group, which could not stay away from the troubles of life and the country's agenda while talking about the economy, unemployment and crisis, which went upside down, seeks to relax a little by telling their troubles through Cash Does Not Love Me, non-existent money, unpaid cards and Ms. Yeliz, who represents the system in general. The first song of the band's short discography, Nakit Beni Sevmiyor, which we can define as the sequel of Yat Kalk Her Gün Aynı, gives a general idea about the themes of the next Gaddar songs.

Gaddar - Nakit Beni Sevmiyor.jpeg


lyrics, music: Övünç Dan

recording, mix: Övünç Dan (Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası)

mastering: Suat Yılmaz (Çikolata Müzik Fabrikası)

cover design: Onat Hafız


Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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