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Gramafonia, Çağrı Sinci & Efza - Siyah Bayrak.jpeg




"Siyah Bayrak - Black Flag" is a solid manifesto (and soon a turkish hip-hop classic), that is both timeless

and carrying the spirit of time (zeitgeist), lyrics about globally and locally humanity's problems. 


2 eccentric rap artists Gramafonia and Çağrı Sinci together with uniq singer Efza, the track has been produced and mixed bay a a solid team Cinojunior (beats) and Havantepe (mix-mastering).

Lyrics: Gramafonia, Çağrı Sinci, Efza
Music: Cinojunior

Mix-Mastering: Havantepe

Cover Photo: Midjourney (AI)
Graphic: kutay+kutay

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