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In War With All His Strength: “Global Bando” ​

​ The rising name of hip-hop music, Gramafonia's new album Global Bando, which is described as a polyphonic "Band" in a "Global" dystopia, and the outstanding single of the album, "Istanbul", are on all digital platforms with Tamar Records label! 

Saying that he is obsessed with the lower class, the resistance and the system, Gramafonia reflects this story of resistance in a way that caresses people's souls in his new album. This album, in which every song from A to Z has been successfully performed, both technically and spiritually, is also a guarantee of the future of the artist. Istanbul is not as long as the other songs in the album. The reason for keeping the songs short is a reaction to the degenerate society accustomed to fast consumption. Gramafonia also states that he wants the songs to leave a never-ending flavor and to be assimilated. The song, which carries parts of itself, is an emotional, striking and dynamic journey that brings awareness while resting the soul. Gramafonia, who states that she is aware of the fact that she mostly makes songs that can be described as "hard", adds that each city adds different moods and perspectives to her. Stating that Global Bando will lead its listeners to an inner adventure, the artist's suggestion is to listen to the songs at night. Gramafonia, whose real name is Önder Kılınç, met the Istanbul stages with the song "Yeşil Sermaye", which he made in his compilation album "Diren Müzik" in 2012. Developing his music based on hip-hop culture by feeding on different sounds and genres, MC, DJ and producer Gramafonia resists for the development of quality music and continues to take steps on this path every day.

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Lyrics & Vocals: Önder Kılınç (Gramafonia)

Music: Orçun Yerlikaya (Moris Lanka )

Mix & Mastering: Can Tan

Drawing: Efe Efe

Cover Art: Bilal Gelic & Alican Arımaz (Neak)

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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