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hatespeech - The Call

New single from the Istanbul alternative metal/nu metal/hardcore band hatespeech, consisting of vocal/guitar Tan Serdar, drummer Onat Hafız and bass guitarist Okan Özgürbüz: “The Call”. ​ ​

Starting from stoner in his past works and then evolving to a darker and alternative hard music with the EP named “Balisong”, hatespeech leaves the 2000s nu metal sound and continues with a more modern single this time.

Recorded live at Studio No 5, the track combines the soft/hard feel of their previous EP with the feel of today's hardcore/metal sound and transitions to a more "sappy" sound. This time, the lyrics describing the feeling of "indecision" dominate in this song, whose vocals were written almost without shouting.


hatespeech - The Call
Duration: 3:49
Lyrics & Music: Tan Serdar
Arrangement: Tan Serdar & Okan Özgürbüz & Onat Hafız ​

Guitar & Vocals & Tambourine: Tan Serdar
Bass: Okan Ozgurbuz
Drums: Onat Hafiz

Genre:  Metal – Hardcore – Nu-metal – Alternative Metal
Recorded in/by: No: 5 Studio (Ozan Çanak & Deniz Ağan)
Mixing & Mastering: Ozan Çanak

Cover Photo: Bengi Aktar
Cover Design: Onat Hafız


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