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Haydar Kendikendine


Officially, he was born in Konya, grew up in Adana, grew apace in Istanbul. He lives in Ottawa. He concatenates sounds, notes, words and images in his own way. Sometimes he accompanies, sometimes he's accompanied by others. Sometimes some things start when together. Sometimes they end when together.


For now.

Tyro EP Abstract


A three-part story of a traveler who is lost in the magic of life, searching for the secret of happiness.

[Raven]​With the news that comes one day, Memories from traveler's past begin to take on other meanings. The same memories echo in different notes.
[Syndrome]​Memories that seem unrelated to each other start to make themselves look new and whole when they come together.

[Song of Honor]​Traveller decides to walk the paths he used to walk again. The memories he encountered, this time, will change the traveller. Traveller wakes up at one of the following times and he realizes that he 's at the very beginning of where he started. The passenger waits for what his new past will bring.

Haydar Kendikendine.jpg

Composer: ​Onur Önder
Producer: ​Emre Malikler
Arrangements: ​Onur Önder, Emre Malikler
Recording / Mixing / Mastering Engineer :​Emre Malikler

Live Musicians :​Emre Malikler (Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Synth, Effects, Bass Programming, Sampling), Can Güngör (Drums), Atahan Çiftçi (Bass * Kara Karga), Resul Baransel Ökmen (Acoustic Guitar * Onurun Şarkısı, Bass * Sendrom, Onurun Şarkısı)

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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