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Hayvansaray - Hayvani

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Being a fan of the diversity of sub-genre names in music, Hayvansaray is pleased to present you the album "Hayvani" in the hip-hop space fable opera genre. Our characters At Bey, Sincap, Colonel Hayvansaray and Tardi, who exist in places where the concepts of spacetime, quantum mechanics, singularity and dualism are determinant, make up our 6-part fairy tale. The album is completed by adding the opening, preface and afterword with this tale. Our characters, who have to question the interdimensional reality, embark on a troubled but equally joyful journey.

Hayvansaray was born in 2010 by Deniz Bolayır. It is a project that combines different musical genres and the characters in the stories are made up of animals. Hayvansaray, who spent the years between 2010 and 2014 by publishing singles, came back to life in 2020 with the album "Antika Kayıtlar" and "At Gibiyim", which are a compilation of old records, after a 6-year break. Hayvansaray, who started to work on a new album after the single titled "Kuduz" was released, released the concept album "Hayvani", in the Hip-Hop Opera genre, in 2021.

Hayvansaray - Hayvani


1/ Uvertür

2/ Prolog: Evvel Zaman İçinde...

3/ Bölüm 1: Mini Kaos

4/ Bölüm 2: At Bey'in Çiftlik Partisi

5/ Bölüm 3: Albay Hayvansaray ve Tardi'nin Garip Seyahati

6/ Bölüm 4: Tardi'nin Altın Plağı

7/ Bölüm 5: Sado Sincap

8/ Bölüm 6: At Bey'in Çiftliğinde Yangın

9/ Epilog: Kimler Erdi Muradına?

Hayvansaray: Deniz Bolayır

Genre: Hip-Hop Space Fabl Opera

Producers: Hayvansaray ve Can Tan

Cover: Burcu Baki

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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