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Kana Kana - Düğüm

Kana Kana, the one-man project by musician / producer Övünç Dan, is a musical personality founded in 2015 and it aims to shoulder its owner's dark side. Kana Kana does not swear by any of the existing genres or styles at the moment, though after much internal deliberation has decided, – in case anyone asks – might answer that it performs “Melancholic Goth Music with Turkish Lyrics”. All of the lyrics, music and production is by Kana Kana. It is undertaking the vocal and instrumental performances as well, however Kana Kana is determined to take the stage along with passionate band mates worthy of its name.

Kana Kana - Düğüm Cover.jpg

Kana Kana: Vocals, Synth, Guitars

Produced & Arranged by Kana Kana

Recorded by Kana Kana

Mixed by Kana Kana

Mastered by Kana Kana

Cover Design: Mazhar Bilgiç


Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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