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A sad breather before the new album from Kana Kana

Kana Kana, who is currently preparing for a new album, meets his audience with an unplanned and carefree recording. "Hayatta" is a sunny but cool song where feelings of "longing and despair" predominate.

The lyrics, music, arrangement, mix and mastering of the song belongs to Kana Kana and all instruments were played by Kana Kana.

The cover photo and design of "Hayatta" also belongs to Kana Kana. Although the song refers to the cool/sunny spring months and the Mediterranean, the cover photo was taken in the summer of 2022 in Le Croisic, a coastal town in the Bretonnian region in the northwest of France.


The focus of the song is on the vocals and the story of the song, which has a simpler and more arbitrary arrangement different from the band's general instrument choices.

Although the verse of the song was written in March 2017 and the chorus in April 2020, the image in mind during the arrangement was Charlotte Wells' 2022 film Aftersun.

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