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Kana Kana, a one-man music project brought to life by musician and producer Övünç Dan, released the album "Ölüler Hariç" after 3 beautiful singles. ​ ​ 

Recorded in a house in Şişli in June 2015, the album finally met its audience, taking with it its adventurous and dark past in many respects.
Kana Kana, who stated her style as "Turkish Spoken Light Gothic Music", wrote, composed, played, sang, recorded and edited all the songs in the album herself, and mixed and mastered the album.

The main subject of the album, which describes the trio of life, death and time, is "Her Gün Bir Doz", adapted from the short film "La Città Dei Morti" shot by Italian director and photographer Pierluigi De Rubertis at the "Cimitero Monumentale Di Milano" cemetery in Milan.

The poem in Eve Veda, the closing song of the album, was written in memory of Çağlan Tekil and was sung in Italian by Pierluigi De Rubertis.

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Kana Kana - Oluler Haric Arka Kapak.jpg
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