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"-ki ​​"
“-ki” is the pseudonym that Ali Kutlu Suytar uses while producing his emotional and visual works. “-ki” lives and produces in Constantinople. He also took various courses from the music department and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Stage and Performing Arts Management Department.
"-ki" worked as a Sound Engineer & Arranger with artists such as Muhterem Sur, Necip Yılgın, Levent Özer, Mustafa Topaloğlu, Resul Dindar, Gökhan Doğanay, Adem Gümüşkaya, Saki Çimen, Cem Bergamalı, Semra Tunç, Mehmet Ülker and İsa.  He's producing his own music since 2014. During the pandemic, the artist, who recorded foleys and produced sound designs in an online sound library based in Dublin, continued his musical studies.


Sometimes you can die by surviving!
Albert Camus said that all great actions have an insignificant beginning. It is said that great works are born by chance, often with insignificant details. However, every birth is painful.
Being "Incompatible"; Is it the conscious choice of a person who is condemned to a fate that is repeated over and over and that he knows from the beginning that he cannot change?
Does life end when a person gives up or is giving up also a form of resistance? While looking for answers to these questions, he keeps musical records of the events he has experienced and creates his new single "Sisifos" - who still does not stop resisting against the absurdity of life, and tries again and again in the loop, and he shares the audience with a different musical experience.

Music & Arrangement: Ali Kutlu Suytar & Bahri Kaan Beşik
Lyrics:  Ali Kutlu Suytar (-ki)
Vocals: Ali Cihan & Ali Kutlu Suytar

Producers: Ali Kutlu Suytar & Bahri Kaan Beşik
Mix: Ali Kutlu Suytar

Genres: Psychedelic fusion, electronic, experimental ​ ​

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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