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Lin Pesto - ✧ Ölmeden ✧

Lin Pesto was born in Ankara, Turkey. Their interest in music recording technologies and pop music led them to record and upload covers on Youtube, as well as their original songs. They are still making music and dreaming about nice things in Ankara.

OLMEDEN 2400.jpg

Linda Pesto: Vocals, Synth

Mei Wu: Keyboard, Synth

Taner Yücel: Electric guitar, Bass, Synth, Drum Programming

Produced & Arranged by Taner Yücel

Recorded by Taner Yücel & Linda Pesto

Mixed by Taner Yücel

Mastered by Görkem Karabudak

Cover Photography & Design: Uczine / Canberk Küpeli

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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