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The voice of the 90’s most beloved band Cultus’ Burak Atalay’s current project Melek has taken place as three men’s humble experience created with the influence of 90’s rock sound and had its share from modernized rock tone. In 2011, the story began Atalay’s encounter with Fuat Güney in his search for a new project after Cultus.


Following the release of their first album, Melek continued to perform, compose their new songs and share them on stage with their audience. As they started to record these new songs, even though they were planning to release an album, they decided to release them consecutively as singles regarding to market dynamics. First single of the new era Söz has taken its place on all digital platforms in October 2019. Afterwards, Melek released Nesiller and Meydan as singles and shot a videoclip for Nesiller.

Melek’s style can be best described as American rock. Far from being obvious and direct, Melek’s lyrics reflect their inner intents and have an understanding of leaving the audience by their perception and thoughts. It is obvious that Melek persists with their musical style and have a grasp of producing rock music when paid enough attention and been all ears.


Melek - Feriştah EP

- Burak Atalay (Guitar, vocal)
- Okaner Ertuğrul (drums)
- Fuat Güney (Bass guitar)

Özcan Günergök (lyrics for Yaşam Bir Oyun)

Mixed & Mastered by Cem Ömeroğlu

Genre: Rock
Duration: 18:35
Released: 2020
Language: Turkish


Melek  - Feriştah EP

01 - Yaşam Bir Oyun

02 - Anlamadım

03 - Vehim

04 - Feriştah

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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