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Netam, Damla Temel - Hikaye

Netam,  Damla Temel - Hikaye.jpeg

Netam is Utku Temel’s solo project who does not deal with stereotyped styles or industrial concerns during music production. He has a musical understanding that is constantly evolving and nourishing from all aural/audial beings. Therefore, none of his songs is fully finished. They constantly evolve and improve as they evolve.


Netam continues to produce with this philosophy and a genre-free attitude that cannot fit into any label or classification.

Netam + Damla Temel.jpg

Netam, Damla Temel - Hikaye

Track List

  1. Mavi

  2. Hikaye

Genre: Electronic, Pop, Progressive, Ambient, Experimental


Netam : Music

Damla Temel: Lyrics

Çağan Tunalı: Mix & Mastering

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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