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Overslept - Serenity

Overslept - Serenity - Kapak.jpg

Overslept is an experimental electronic music group of 2 people founded by Kaan Tunçay and Halil Anıl Avcı in 2017. Overslept, which produces according to the current moods, has released 1 album and 5 singles until today.

Realize the moment, you are in, get rid of distractions and focus on what’s essential. Find what is important, learn from your pains, seek the true you and find tranquility. The album Serenity talks about these issues, finding your true self, making peace with your demons, learning from your pains and struggles, growing with them, beginnings and endings, stepping away from the materialist world and living away from earthly desires, even just for a moment.

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Overslept - Serenity

1. Spring feat. Avcio
2. Summer feat. Cihangir Aslan feat. Avcio
3. Fall feat. Veroliv
4. Winter
5. And Spring

House / Experimental / Ethnic House
Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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