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Özge Fışkın - Dönsün Talihim

Özge Fışkın - Dönsün Talihim.jpeg

As its title suggests, “Dönsün Talihim” (“Let My Fortune Turn”) is a message to the universe and also an apt description for this long-awaited return.


The lyrics and the music of the song were composed by Özge Fışkın, and it was arranged by Barlas Tan Özemek.


“Dönsün Talihim” is a timeless hymn, a vivid and lively love song that promises to evoke powerful feelings in the listener.


A video was produced to accompany the song, which we believe will resonate with today’s audiences through its lyrics, its discourse, and its spirit in general.


The video shot in a theater stage matches the spirit of the song and the lives it touches. Tt is the work of Mert Gider and his team, and it features choreography designed by Gizem Erdem.


Özge Fışkın started her musical career in Ankara as the vocalist of various rock bands. Later in Istanbul, she accompanied acts such as Sertab Erener and Levent Yüksel on stage and in studio recordings, and she was part of Sertab Erener’s team that won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003.


Fışkın released her first solo album Kilitler in 2007, which she followed with Bir Avuç Fotoğraf and Her Şeyin 1 Zamanı Var. The artist actively continued her live performances and successfully implemented projects in various musical genres.


After a long while, Özge Fışkın returns with her new single “Dönsün Talihim,” which was arranged by Barlas Tan Özemek.

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