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Özge Fışkın - Hadi Dans Et

Özge Fışkın - Hadi Dans Et Kapak.jpg

Özge Fışkın, who has been working in the music world for many years and has managed to have a significant audience among female pop-rock vocalists in our country with her albums, live EPs, duets, tribute projects and singles, greets her fans once again with her new single "Hadi Dans Et".

'Hadi Dans Et' will be released on all digital platforms on March 1st with Tamar Records label. The lyrics of the single belong to Özge Fışkın, the composition of Özge Fışkın and Övünç Dan, and the arrangement of the single is by Övünç Dan.

The duo expresses the process they went through and the birth of the song with the following words:

"In a sense, this song and arrangement is a work that reflects the spirit of both the present and the past for us.
Without a plan, without a program, while excitedly following a verse that fell into our minds overnight, the stops we chose to make crossed our paths with Sezen Aksu, Aysel Gürel and most of all Onno Tunç. And I'm glad we did; the "those times" that we sprinkled in the lines, instruments and general atmosphere became the "meat and bones" of "Hadi Dans Et".


Vocals: Özge Fışkın

Lyrics: Özge Fışkın

Music: Özge Fışkın & Övünç Dan

Arrangement: Övünç Dan


Strings, Keyboards, Drums, Programming: Övünç Dan

Mixing: Övünç Dan, Suat Yılmaz

Mastering: Suat Yılmaz

Executive Producer: Yeşim Doran


Cover Photo: Ayşegül Karacan

Cover Design: Övünç Dan ​ ​


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