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Özge Fışkın - Ömrüm

Özge Fışkın - Ömrüm Cover.jpg

An epic cover of Cem Karaca's "Ömrüm" by Özge Fışkın.


"Ömrüm" is originally in Karaca's 1992 album, "Nerede Kalmıştık?" . Known for Karaca's unique performance and original arrangements by Cahit Berkay and Uğur Dikmen, it is now possible to listen to "Ömrüm" again with Fışkın's voice and Övünç Dan's arrangement!


Özge Fışkın expresses her feelings and thoughts about this single work as follows: “When I first listened to the song "Ömrüm", I was first impressed by its lyrical world. His timeless words revealed all the tides, ups and downs we experience in life today, with Cem Karaca's unique performance. Of course, in order to say "Ömrüm - My life", one had to save some time :) I waited. And what a coincidence, this precious song and I met in the thirtieth year of both of us. Because 1992 is the year I started my stage life. Cahit Berkay, who was with us by not breaking me down at the point of re-recording this Song, blew a spirit that carried the past to the present. Övünç Dan reinforced this breeze throughout the whole arrangement. I hope it will be good for all of us, my life with all its depth.”


Vocals: Özge Fışkın

Lyrics & Music: Cem Karaca

Arrangement: Övünç Dan


Strings, Keyboards, Drums, Programming: Övünç Dan

 Yaylı Tambur (bowed long-neck lute): Cahit Berkay

Mixing: Barış Baykan

Mastering: Eray Polat

Executive Producer: Yeşim Doran


Cover Design: Övünç Dan ​ ​


Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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