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Özge Fışkın - Hadi Dans Et

Özge Fışkın - Yangınlarından Cover.jpeg

Özge Fışkın, who has been working in the music world for many years and has managed to have an important audience among female pop-rock vocalists in our country with her albums, live recording EPs, duets, tribute projects and singles, greets her fans once again with her new single ‘Yangınlarından’. 


The lyrics, music and arrangement of the song are written by Övünç Dan.



Vocals: Özge Fiskin

Lyrics - Music: Övünç Dan

Arranged by Övünç Dan


Strings, keys, backing vocals, e-drum: Övünç Dan


Mix - Mastering: Övünç Dan

Executive Producer: Yesim Doran


Cover Photo: Çiler Geçici

Cover Design: Övünç Dan



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