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Padme is proof that a group of friends formed by people who have been around for a while can turn into a band. In their attempt to make sense of many things in the world, they have a satirical and ironic attitude through jokes mixed with seriousness. Blending anger, absurdism, coffee and a little bit of sadness when it's really necessary, the band is still active and still around.

In the meantime, the band has released 1 EP and 3 long-player albums so far, and has and will continue to tell people about their troubles both in public places and in the remotest corners of Turkey and Europe. When governments do something bad, they are likely to be there at those protests.

2309 Padme Blind.jpeg


Padme - Göktaşları / Bugün Ölmek İçin N'aptın? (BÖİN)



Arda Turan - Bass Guitar

Orhan Akpinar - Drums

Deniz Nakış - Recording and Production, Keyboards

Toprak Işık- Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming, Back Vocals



Mix & Mastering: Barkin Engin

Single Cover: Collective Product of the World



Lyrics - Göktaşları: Toprak Işık

Lyrics - BÖİN: Orhan Akpınar

Music: Toprak Işık, Arda Turan, Deniz Nakış, Orhan Akpınar





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