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Padme has put the album “Hâlâ!! - Still!!”  in your hands to bring you back to your senses. They fell into difficulties and didn't get defeated, they said in their own words what everyone feels. This is the west side of Istanbul, but there is no underground because there is surveillance at every corner, supervision at every hour and every pocket is cut to the bottom. 


That's why this is an album that vibrates for our voice and your voice. A person's inner world finds what it sees everywhere, life everywhere hits back to the person's inner world. Deniz, Arda, Toprak, Orhan, and sometimes Ozan wrote, drew and ossified this album and also brought it to life with the support of recording and mixing. To everyone, have a good listen.

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Padme - Hâlâ!!


Toprak Işık - Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Saw, Keyboard, Bass

Arda Turan - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drum Machine, Keyboard

Orhan Akpınar - Vocals, Drums

Deniz Nakış - Keyboard, Sound Design, Guitar, Shaver

Sir Ozi Brokes - Guitar





Production: Padme

Recording Engineer: Deniz Nakış, Toprak Işık

Mix & Mastering: Barkin Engin

Album Cover: Birgen Işık, Toprak Işık, Elis Kiliç





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