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One of the most eccentric bands of the rock scene, Prenslerin Öcü salutes you with debut album"Rock Meydanı"! ​ ​

Prenslerin Öcü, which made a name for itself with its entertaining clips and stage performance, released  first album "Rock Meydanı" on a special day, on October 29, 2021 (Turkish Republic Day). ​ ​

A manifesto of rebellion in terms of style and content, the 11-song "Rock Meydanı" represents the final version of the Prenslerin Öcü.

In addition to expressing the problems that millennials face in daily life, Prenslerin Öcü aims to guarantee the continuity of the existence of rock music. ​ ​
The new album is a gift to all citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have been living in a vegetative state for years without rock music, who value their friends, who love to drink cold beer or respects drinking.

Long Live Rock Music!

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Lyrics: Doruk Ordu/İlkay Sarpay

Music: Doruk Ordu/İlkay Sarpay

Vocals: Doruk Ordu

Choir: İlkay Sarpay, Evren Akyürek, Umut Aydın, Doruk Ordu

Acustic Guitars: Doruk Ordu

Electro Guitars: İlkay Sarpay

Electro Guitars: Altuğ Yeşilbaş

Bass: Umut Aydın

Drums Evren Akyürek

Arrangements: Prenslerin Öcü

Rec./Mix: Batuhan Bükücü

Mastering: Çağan Tunalı

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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