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Prenslerin Öcü is back with a new single. "Seni Yok Edeceğim".

Prenslerin Öcü begins its musical journey on a warm May day in 2016. In addition to the charm of being one of the special groups in Turkey, Prenslerin Öcü is alone, as it swore to self-determination by not riding on any popular wave. Costumes are put on, mustaches are left.

In the beginning, they produce works in the genre of comedy music. As time passes, they realize that the conjuncture is funny enough, and they evolve into a social realist. Their tongues are funny, their guitar scores are as sharp as swords, and they're very handsome. They think they are the best rock band in the universe. They're not exactly wrong. As they do not compromise on music, they also pay great attention to personal hygiene. The band members work in different jobs and they raise their throats and make music with that money. They make the music for the music, but the public somehow also likes the music they make. Not everyone knows about them, but ask to the intellectual and despised people, they say Prenslerin Öcü.

The group's 2024 goal is to bring Turkey the first place in Eurovision.

Prenslerin Öcü 06.jpg

Lyrics, Music: Doruk Ordu

Arranged by Prenslerin Öcü


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Doruk Ordu

Guitar: Ilkay Sarpay, Altuğ Yeşilbaş

Bass Guitar: Umut Aydın

Drums: Evren Akyürek

Chorus: İlkay Sarpay, Evren Akyürek, Umut Aydın, Altuğ Yeşilbaş

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