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Rafet Arslan reads the poems already written in his mind unexpectedly. He has started music with Duygusal Provokasyon mindfulness, maybe even earlier than that.
He states that he is humming the poems along with reading, in fact, noticeably, he speaks the words that fit the image of the music directly live to the audience.
He particularly focused on fiction in Robotic Dreams known as Robotik Hayaller, so much so that more than seven science fiction novels or movies got a second life in those expressions.
Recently, he dives deep expressing the politics via Qameferag along with screams through Punk.

Rafet Arslan - Denizsiz Martılar - Single

Lyrics & Voice: Rafet Arslan


Bass: Arif Mirbaghi

Accordion: Kaveh Ghaffari

Drums: Farhad Asadi


Sound Design - Mix & Mastering: Ömer Erciyes

Studio Mandala

Cover & Video Visual Support: Gökhan Çiçek

Video Director: Volkan Yalçın 

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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