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Say was recorded at a drunken night. I think it is impossible to gather this team again, especially in the same place.
We made the planned recordings and spoiled it. Around 04:00 at night, when no one could touch the tools, Say showed up.
First, when I said let's register, everyone looked at me desperately, as if to say -let's go about your business. Then I couldn't be stopped, words flowed into the night in me. And then I saw that all the roles had changed, Şenol Erdoğan, whom I called for the vocal, is on the bass guitar, Can Batukan is on a melodica whose ending is unclear, and my beloved Memo is dealing with a Soviet-influenced drum machine.

Say came out in such an environment. and i think; it was my most subjective story: İkiçeşmelik Caddesi, the fascist coup, terror, mental hospitals, knives, blood night syllable -
durr- SAY.

Anyways. _ admiration for the end and coming of fasting.
And maybe- your hands are in the wrong place.

Rafet Arslan

Lyrics & Voice: Rafet Arslan
Music: Can Batukan, Şenol Erdoğan, Mehmet Cem Ünal
Studio: Beykoz Mansions
Mix: Studio Mandala – Karaburun
Cover: Cins
Video: Gökhan Çiçek

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2022

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