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Serbest Radikal Gökhan Eyüp Çiftçi on electric guitar and Same Man Buğra Canlı on vocals, Serbest Radikal's fourth single and Same Man's third single 'Bu kafa böyle geçer mi?' is out now on all digital platforms with Tamar Records label!


In addition to releasing their new singles with their own bands, the duo also play together in the same bands simultaneously. You can hear Gökhan on bass guitar in Aynı Adam and Buğra on vocals in Serbest Radikal. 


What about the heads? The heads are a bit confused. Contradictory. Safe, insecure. Meaningful, meaningless. Peaceful, restless. Is it passing? It passes. Those who find a branch to hug, pass it to those who can't. Sweeping problems under the mat and always knowing they are there is often just a matter of one meaningful connection.

Bu kafa böyle geçer mi cover.jpg


Lyrics-Music: Serbest Radikal & Aynı Adam

Mix-Master: Gökhan Eyüp Çiftçi

Cover: Buğra Canlı



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