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To My Lonely Sik Kid is songwriters Can Demirok and Erdem Ünal. The band hailing from Istanbul creates sonic landscapes and moody melodies which they combine with their unique aesthetic inspired by the city they live in. 


TMLSK released their first EP in march of 2019 by Table Records and a live session later on that same year. They’ve been performing regularly since their first release and have appeared in venues such as Karga, Mecra, Haymatlos, Cennet Bahcesi …


After a long recording process, the band takes a different approach with their second EP, releasing their most personal work yet. ‘’Deux’’ paints a sonic picture of themes ranging from past traumas to abstract states of feeling. 


On 8th of May 2020, To My Lonely Sik Kid released “Stay Away From Me” the first single of their new EP “DEUX”. The EP has been released in the following week, on the 15th of May, via Tamar Records on all digital platforms.


DEUX is -a four song EP- mainly a indie rock, shoegaze album with modern attitude. 

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EP Title: Deux

Writers: Can Demirok

Instruments: Erdem Ünal, Can Demirok

Mix & Mastering: Can Demirok

Cover Artwork: Can Demirok

Release: 2020

Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop

Language: English

Deux EP


01 - All We Need Is Love

02 - Fade Away

03 - Stay Away From Me

04 - Why Wait

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2020

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