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Trash Can Boy - Kara Kanat Cover.jpeg

Trash Can Boy - Kara Kanat

(ft. Hedonutopia & Gramafonia)


In the darkness of the brightly lit neon city lies a numb soul searching for meaning.

His mind is haunted by the specter of death, the fear of being lost in the void of the digital realm.

In this world of darkness and decay, "Kara Kanat" is the light that shines in the void.

Leaving the listener with a sense of unease and anticipation, the song depicts the pain of love, but also a sense of inadequacy and a sense of not belonging.

Trash Can Boy - Artist Photo .jpg

All instruments, recording, mixing & mastering: Can Tan

Vocals: Gramafonia, Hedonutopia

Lyrics: Gramafonia, Can Tan

Album Cover: Can Tan

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2023

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