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Tuzla was established at Istanbul Technical University in the last days of 2022.


The group, which includes Yarkın Yorulmaz and Tolga Mamur, who have previously been involved in different formations together, tries to reflect the reflections of their feelings and thoughts in their daily lives through the filter of the districts they live in.


Their new work "BÜYÜK DUYGULAR EP" uses elements of new wave, post-punk, darkwave, psychedelic rock and other musical styles to summarize the different directions Tuzla can go and the process of finding and shouting Tuzla's voice. By using stories, fictions and their own experiences in their lyrics, the band presents their spiritual world to their listeners in a more vivid, different and "Tuzla style".

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Lyrics : Tolga Mamur
Music : Yarkin Yorulmaz

Arrangements : Tolga Mamur & Yarkın Yorulmaz

Vocals : Tolga Mamur
Live Instruments : Yarkin Yorulmaz

Producer : Yarkın Yorulmaz
Mix - Mastering : Yarkın Yorulmaz
Album Cover : Tolga Mamur & Yarkın Yorulmaz

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