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In Unrelica's debut album, Heaven Has Come, the music as dogmatic fiction and semi-free fiction is conceptualized by hybridizing with modular synth tones, multi-layered micro rhythms, and classical orchestration elements.


The lyrics, which refer to the survival forms of the individual in the grip of a painful reality and dreams that will obviously end with an unhappy ending, convey sometimes a pessimistic collapse from a masculine voice and sometimes a cynical manifestation of post-reality with a carnivalesque alternative from a feminine voice.


Describing the album as a glass raised to our personal and premature apocalypse, Unrelica sees his name, which he created by negating the word "relic", as a definition for his music as well.

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•     All songs, lyrics, music, arrangement, performance and production belong to Yavuz Cingöz.
•       vocals in Broken Time, For Whom, It's Over Again by Cüneyt Cansever.
•       All vocals in Astral Fall, Heaven Has Come and backing vocals in It's Over belong to Burcu Güler.
•     The sample in Unrelic was used with the special permission of Levent Ergun, processed from the raw recording of the throat air named “Gara Devem” sung by Zeynep Köken,
•     Piano licks in Onopordum were written by Taner Özel.

•     The mixing and mastering of the album was done by Burak Ataş at Maven Mastering.
•       Cover image is Gizem Akkoyunoğlu's work titled “A Shadow of A Doubt”.

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